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  1. Hi Sandra,
    I really like the look and feel of your WordPress blog. I might switch from PBWorks wiki to WordPress myself.

    As you probably know from our previous courses together, I’m an electronics and mathematics instructor in HMNZS Philomel located in Devonport.

    Last year I created a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) which I invite you to visit if you have a spare moment. I’ve set it up for public viewing at However, sometimes PBWorks gives folks a hard time viewing it. If that happens email me and I’ll create a password for you.

    With the EE4EP course, I’ll be completing the Graduate Certificate in Applied eLearning Program in December. For assessment four purposes, I will be using the individual blog on eMIT. I’m really looking forward to next year so I can begin applying my newly gained knowledge in earnest.

    One of my interests is creating Digital Learning Objects (DLOs) and building a DLO repository to make DLOs accessible to all instructors in our organization. Currently I’m using our LMS to develop assessment objects for a Sonar Theory Module we developed during the first semester.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello Sandra
    How nice to hear your introduction. It looks like you followed the guide on the wiki for the introduction. It would be great to hear more about the type of learning experience you hope to provide for your students. Yes I agree evaluation does need to be integrated in all design and development work. I am looking forward to working with you and hearing more.

  3. Sandra is it okay if I add a link to your blog on the Course blog? Bron

  4. Hi Sandra
    Nice blog. One day when I get time I must do something similar …
    Just a note to say I have (belatedly) replied to your question about interviews on my course blog

    • Thanks Ken
      I used Audacity to record our interview over Skype in the end. It was pretty straight forward. I was a bit worried though I would stuff up somehow – it was the only source of recording and I was unfamiliar with Audacity, But in the end it was easy to do and save thanks to Bronwyn’s instructions.

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