Handy Dandy Elearning Guidelines

Finding the Guiding Light

Eleaning Guidelines, I have found, are very handy things to have as a reference in your back pocket. People in the field have very kindly come together to formulate these guidelines to remind us of all those factors that should be part of good elearning design.  Even better, they can act as benchmarks for evaluation questions.  As our evaluation project involves formative evaluation in part focused on aspects of design, we used  Elearning Guidelines for New Zealand to act as a starting point to initially identify some of the areas relevant to our objectives.   These were then honed down and adapted to align with our evaluation objectives.


As you can contribute your own thoughts to these guidelines -,its is a great way to generate conversations about what constitutes quality elearning especially in the face of changing platforms of delivery.


One Response

  1. it would be good to read about the guidelines you ended up choosing, and why they were chosen for your specific project.

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