Enee Meenee Minee Mo

If only selecting methodologies was so easy. Knowing what information you need can help in selecting which method of gathering information suits best.  Our evaluation questions slant towards perceptions asking why rather than what, therefore using  questionnaires and interviews that focus on a person’s view of the subject at hand makes sense.  In an ideal world we would firstly conduct a survey with students and  those issues that rise to the top could then be looked at in more detail in a focus group.   Time and distance restraints  however means that this won’t be possible.  So we are going  to take the approach of  gathering perceptions from different quarters, namely the students (survey), the lecturer (interview) and an expert (looking at content).   The rich mix of data that we gather hopefully will direct us to the areas of course design  that could be  improved.

Centre for Social and Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation  (2007).  Easy Evaluation Workshop.  Massey University, Palmerston North.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Sandra H.
    Excellent post.

    It is one of the most succinct I have read about the issues involved in deciding the methodology for evaluating eLearning for effective practice.


  2. Making decisions on where to even start is troublesome to say the least.
    It’s good to read a post where I think I’m on a similar track. Sounds right 🙂
    Your blog layout is fun too.

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