Working It All Out

The Evaluation Plan

The evaluation plan is nearly tucked up bed…and just as fatigued parent at the end of the day, just quietly I’m ready to have a lie down and a bit of a snooze myself.  Suffering a lack of vitamin D, I’ve been  tapping away on the introduction, rationale, aim, objectives, decisions, evaluation questions, sample and instrumentation, limitations, logistics and time line, and budget.  Rosanne who has also resorted to taking Vit D supplements, has kindly completed the other sections.  We have reviewed and given feedback on each other’s work and I’m currently putting the evaluation plan together in Word format for marking and getting the hot water bottle ready.

Working in a Group Online

I think Salmon (2004) is right on the button when she says that people need space to form an online identity to engage in elearning.  I’ve found this quite fascinating.  Not quite multipersonality material, but I think that there is a difference between online and f2f identities. I have found I take on similar roles in an online group that I would take on in a f2f group (I’m one of those annoying people who keep people on task as Rosanne can attest to).  But in person, I would listen a lot, chip in when needed and wrap my comments up in cotton wool as not to seem too bossy .  Online I can’t do that.  I have to put my comments and ideas out there.  And smiley faces don’t quite cut it.   And a lot can be read into a short comment or no comment.  And how do you handle things if you disagree (something I haven’t experienced yet)?  I’ve come to the conclusion that just as in a f2f group it would be good to have ‘group rules’ that are agreed upon at the start.  I guess it is similar introducing netiquette to a new group of students. I imagine it would make things clearer and avoid misunderstandings.

Salmon, G. (2004).  All Things in Moderation.  Retrieved from


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