Done the Cycle..Swim and Run to Go

I started  training for a triathlon this week.  Sounds spectacular when you say it like that but it’s just a mini one – a goal to help to get the fitness levels up.  I went out for my first cycle last weekend with a training group that regularly trains together and caters for beginners like me.  The website said they start with 10 km.  We went (in wind and rain) for 32km.  All I’ll say about it is today I can’t sit down.

Evaluation can be a bit like that.  You think you’re doing 10km and end up doing 32km with a bit of wind and rain thrown in.  Our current southerly that we have been unable to contact the lecturer to organise an interview or to survey her students.

When we do eventually get that underway, our next front will be the logistical challenge to transcribe and analyse the data from the interview.  We have mitigated this somewhat by having pre-determined categories.  It does however take skill not to construe too much.  This is muddied further by only having 2 of us to validate our findings.  We will have to be mindful of not bringing our own bias to the table.  Here is a general guide I found about conducting semi-structured interviews

The evaluation plan is finished and I have sent it directly to Bronwyn (a bit too much spam on this site).  Rosanne has attached it to her blog if you wish to view it.

In terms of feedback I have contributed to Pam and Sandra’s, and to Fred’s plan.


3 Responses

  1. I always enjoy reading your posts … this is a useful resource that’s easily adaptable for my purposes …thanks!

  2. a great analogy sandra – the southerly. Here’s to a warm north easter to bring you some relaxation after all the hard work.

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