That’s Life

Onwards and Upwards! Cue the Trumpets

We have had a few logistical challenges over the last few weeks.  Firstly our interview with our key informant and student survey were delayed and the expert reviewer is on bereavement leave.  Added to that, I have been away for a week and my buddy is away for 10 days.  But that is what happens when life happens isn’t it.  You have to expect it and if you don’t build in time for ‘ blow outs’  you might find yourself sunk by events outside your control.

Once we managed to get things teed up, I conducted the key informant interview over Skype using Audacity to record the audio.  Having never used Audacity, I was nervous about losing the audio if I made a mistake – I didn’t have another backup.  It actually went fine and I could see a whole heap of applications for this audio software.  I found it an interesting process.


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