Looking Back…

The Road Travelled

I started the course with an understanding of evaluation that came from another discipline and from many years ago.  For some reason I thought evaluation would have different features specific to the realm of education and instructional design.  In fact I found the principles were universal.  What I did learn was in relation to different ID models, a reminder of the importance evaluation questions and the formative feedback helped me in the area of report writing.     

I did find incredibly valuable the experience to work totally online with someone else.  This is the way people will work in the future (or are already are) and I was glad to have a chance to give it a go.  Thank you Rosanne for making this ‘first’ experience a pleasant one.  I think as in real life, people work in different ways and I was fortunate that Rosanne and I worked in a similar way.  We both had a commitment to communicate, to complete our work in a timely manner and I think we talked about the things that mattered instead of sweating the small stuff.  That generated trust and respect.

I also thought it was pretty cool to use different software like audacity and google docs.  Google docs was great in that both Rosanne and I could work on the document at the same time and synchronously talk within the document about points or in a box on the side.  Great!  The downside was we had problems with formatting when we tried to convert it to another file format and Rosanne found it slow going on her work computer.  But I have heard of being able to do documents in Hotmail that doesn’t have such problems and I’m keen to give that a go in the future.

All in all, the thing that I keep in the back of my mind about evaluation is that it is like statistics – it can sometimes look better than it is depending on how it is done, interpreted and presented.  With evaluation you always have to read (and conduct it) with a critical eye and have a look at how it was done.  Shoddy processes lead to shoddy results.

In terms of contribution, during this last phase of the evaluation, I worked on the discussion, conclusion and recommendations.  We both edited each other’s work and formatted the report.   I also contributed to feedback to Sandra and Pam’s final report on the discussion forum.

Cheers!  I’m going to have some chocolate wHoops I mean a carrot.



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  1. You made it! You have indeed used a critical eye when approaching the evaluation, and your use of robust processes has led to some very useful results. Well done.

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